Eric Raynaud

Fraction (Eric Raynaud) is an audiovisual artist whose work focuses in particular on immersive experience design. His practice has developed from a background in music composition and spatial sound which led him to put together complete skills in the field of new media art. He is particularly interested in forms of sound immersion and their interactions with generative visuals. Combining complex scenography and hybrid digital writing with visual, sound and physical media, it aims in particular to forge links between 3D sound immersion, contemporary art, architecture within the frame of radical experiences. Fascinated by sound intensity, energy, ecstasy, and the idea of "being able to sculpt sound disorder as a raw matter", he finds in the lexicon of sound spatialization the appropriate field for designing atypical pieces, placing at the center of his writing the immediate physical and emotional experience.

He is currently leading a residency in artistic research at IRCAM (Paris, France).